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15 Simple Everyday Moments to be Grateful For

Without a doubt, as the Christmas season draws near, life inevitably becomes more hectic. Our ever-expanding to-do lists stretch further, our calendars overflow, and finding a moment of solitude seems nearly impossible.

Moments like...

1. Waking up to sunlight streaming through your
bedroom curtains
2. Hitting all green lights while running errands
3. A hot shower on a chilly morning
4. Watching the steam rise from a pot of something
nourishing cooking on the stove
5. An unexpected conversation with a stranger
6. That sigh of contentment when you’re finally done
with your tasks for the day
7. Getting that messy bun just right on the first try
8. The sound of cosy-scented candles crackling
9. Hearing the first notes of your favorite song
10. Finally starting that new book that’s been sitting
on your bedside table
11. Settling in to watch an episode of a beloved show
you’ve watched more times than you can count
12. The feel of a dog or cat’s nose pushing into your leg
13. Someone offering to take something off your plate
14. Slipping into your cosiest loungewear after a
long day
15. Catching a scent in the air that makes you
feel nostalgic

In summary...

It becomes crucial, amidst this chaos, to grasp those fleeting instances of relaxation that may unfold each day and appreciate them, regardless of how minuscule or seemingly inconsequential they might be.

Have a lovely day!
Love, Katy x

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