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Update your wardrobe. Cool-weather clothing can be great, all that potential for layering, for texture, for interest. I love the coarse wool of an old fishermen’s cable-knit sweater, the luxurious softness of a cashmere wrap, vintage leather as soft as butter. I’m a firm believer that your clothing should tell the story of who you are, and autumn is such a good opportunity to play around with expressing yourself.

Get outside
Nature is flush with beauty in the autumn months. It’s a great time to explore the natural world around you, whether it’s walking, hiking, canoeing, running, or even just taking a picnic out into the woods. Bonfires are an autumn classic, too — bring a thermos full of coffee and you are well and truly sorted.

Pull on your boots, sharpen your pocketknife, hook a basket over your arm, and head to the forest for a bit of mushroom hunting — taking great care, of course, to consult an experienced forager. Some poisonous mushrooms look almost identical to edible ones,
so meticulous inspection is absolutely necessary. If you’re careful and responsible, the payoff is incredible. If you’re feeling a tad less ambitious, a trip to the apple orchard makes for a lovely afternoon, and you’ll walk away with an equally delicious armful of autumnal treats.

Eat seasonally
Farmers markets are legendary for a reason. The growing season is over, and the ultimate harvest is in; stalls lined with beautiful food, jars of homemade jam, freshly baked loaves and pots of wild honey.

Home is the inner sanctum where we begin and end each day. As we’re transitioning to the colder months when we spend more time inside, a few quick atmospheric adjustments can make all the difference. Stock up on extra pillows and blankets, switch out harsh overhead lights for lamps, and take a long, hot bath to warm your bones, start on a new knitting project, or try your hand at baking artisan- style bread. Brew a cup of tea, light a few candles, and curl up with a good moody book, perfect for getting into the autumn mood.

Autumn has this wonderful energy of release. The world is letting go of the old and preparing for rest and reflection. Are you happy with your life? Are you proud of yourself? What can you release — an attitude, a habit, negative self-talk? What are your goals? Rejuvenation is a slow process, but over the next few months, when the wind is cold and the nights are long, you can begin to work toward a new and improved you to build upon in the springtime.

Autumn is such a beautiful, romantic time of year. Most of us have very clear ideas about what should fill those long fall days. What does autumn look and feel like to you?

Have a lovely day!
Love, Katy x

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