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5 ways to sell more at Craft Fairs 

Art festivals, craft shows, wine festivals —these events present incredible opportunities for marketing your handcrafted business. To ensure that you sell more products and achieve greater success at the events you choose to participate in, there are certain strategies you can employ.

Paula’s Gemstones and Lace

I hand knit all my shawls and scarves using the very best top quality artisan wools. The wools I use are all super soft and lightweight. These wools are natural fibres and are hand painted and dyed, giving every single skein a unique and different combination of colours, even when they are the same colourway. This makes every single one of my lace shawls and scarves unique.

My bracelets and necklaces are all handmade using gemstone beads and each item is labelled detailing the stones used.

The Herb Cupboard

All of our products are made with natural ingredients in small batches. Are free from chemicals and dyes and with vegan friendly ranges.

Marketing Strategies 

Let’s delve into marketing strategies for a moment. Imagine you’ve established a small business and recently ventured into the craft fair scene to showcase your products to a wider audience. Now that the craft fair has concluded, how can you continue effectively marketing your products?

Kirsty Melting Fragrance

We are a small business selling fragrant candles and wax melts that are perfect for any occasion. Our mission is to bring warmth and coziness to your home with our carefully crafted scents. Browse through our collection and find the perfect candle or wax melt for yourself or as a gift for a loved one.

Applique Tree Studio

Hey there, I’m Louise, the artist behind Applique Tree Studio. Alternative and quirky, with a touch of eccentricity!


XII Trials supports and advocates mental wellbeing and resilience, taking inspiration from myth and legend. We just happen to make great candles.

Beachcomber Crafts

Beachcomber crafts makes beautiful items from driftwood, shells, and sea glass. Clocks, candle holders, mirrors and wall hangers are just some of the pieces for sale.

Dottie Bears

I’m Emma, the designer and maker behind emmakatefoxjewellery

Dottie Bears are uniquely designed collectable character bears and are the creation of Wendy Marcon-Knightley.

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