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Chamaeleon & Co.

Hi, my name is Amanda and I am the owner of Chamaeleon & Co.
I’ve always been crafty and use a variety of mediums but sewing is my passion.

Lazy Ladybirds

Handmade gifts made with love from carefully sourced and selected materials.


My story with organic products started many years ago. I have always had extremely dry, rough and flaky skin. Moreover, my daughter had a skin condition called keratosis pilaris, commonly known as goosebump skin. I used all kinds of products to offset the dryness of my skin, but none of them worked.

Oak + Moon

Bespoke chalkboard signs for any occasion. Influenced by nature, humour and all things that spark joy.
My work ranges from small decorative signs to large bespoke commissions.

Eggshell Art by Nicola Burton

Vivid, unique, and sustainable eggshell art created with the eggs laid by Nicola’s chicken flock at home in Essex.

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