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Emma Kate Fox Jewellery

What we are about...

i’m emma, the designer and maker behind emmakatefoxjewellery

i live in the small thames-estuary town of leigh-on-sea and make all my jewellery at home in a converted loft space.

how it started

whilst working as a content editor in london i enrolled in a silver jewellery for beginners short course. and it pretty much went from there. a few years later i left my full time content role and started working part time in a contemporary jewellery gallery & shop as a sales assistant. this is also when i began working on my first collection.

a few years and a relocation to essex later, i am now working full time on emmakatefoxjewellery

my style

over the years i have experimented a great deal with different materials and techniques, but silver is by far my favourite material to work with. i just love how soft and malleable it can be. i also love texture, organic forms, imperfection, playfulness, and pops of colour, and silver can do it all!

i don’t use wax to form my pieces, instead i opt for a design-by-making approach, which basically means if i think of something i want to make, i play around with the silver until i can make it, if it looks good i continue to work on it, if it doesn’t i melt it down and start again.

because i work directly with the metal in this way, it means every single one of my pieces is a one-off, and i think that is quite special!

other stuff

my jewellery is affordable as i mainly use sterling silver, there are the odd few pieces with gold, gold-filled, or fine silver

all gemstones come from trusted suppliers

custom orders are welcome, if you want to create something with me, please get in touch via the contact page

that’s all for now

happy browsing!



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