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Questions you may be asked at a Craft Fair 

In my previous blog post, I discussed the significance of asking customers certain questions to establish rapport and increase the chances of making a sale. This time, I want to address the importance of being prepared for enquiries you may receive as the vendor. 

One aspect I thoroughly enjoy as a shopper when attending craft fairs is getting acquainted with the creators. I find it fascinating to hear about their sources of inspiration and the creative process involved in crafting their products. To assist you in preparing your responses, I have compiled a list of potential questions you might encounter. These questions can also serve as prompts when generating content for your social media posts. By answering these inquiries, you allow customers to truly get to know you as the skilled artisan behind the creations. 

Without further delay, here are some questions curious shoppers may ask you:

1    What motivated you to create these handmade items? 

    2    How long have you been engaged in crafting these products? 

    3    Which materials do you utilise to bring your creations to life? 

    4    Do you accept custom orders? 

    5    What is your favourite item that you’ve crafted? 

    6    Which item is the most popular among your customers? 

    7    Have you ever experienced any amusing or interesting incidents at a craft fair? 

    8    What sets your products apart from others? 

    9    How do you generate new ideas for your crafts? 

    10    What do you find most challenging about the creative process? 

    11    Are there any upcoming events or shows you will be participating in? 

    12    How do you balance your craft-making endeavours with other aspects of your life? 

    13    Could you provide more insight into the process of creating one of your items? 

    14    Do you have any tips for individuals interested in starting their own crafting journey? 

    15    Apart from craft fairs, what other types of events do you sell your crafts at? 

Can you think of any other potential questions related to your process or craft?

It is crucial to take pride in your work and be willing to share insights about it. Craft fairs provide a unique opportunity for customers to connect with the creators behind the products they admire. As mentioned before, this is one of the most enjoyable aspects of attending craft fairs for me personally. 

In case the event is slow-paced, consider initiating conversations with your neighbouring booth to build connections. By asking them some of these questions, you can forge new relationships that might potentially lead to increased sales. 

Remember, establishing connections can significantly impact your sales and foster a sense of pride in your craft. 

Have a lovely day!
Love, Katy x

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