Curated Essex Artists & Artisans

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The Essex Scent Company

The Essex Scent Company brings you a range of beautifully handmade home fragrance products.

Tania Neiva Studio

Hey! I am Tania Neiva author and children illustrator. I studied Fashion Design and and I did a postgraduate degree in art education.


Hi. I’m Carys, creator of craft BEERings. I’m a Colchester based craft beer drinking, earring addict and recycling enthusiast!

La Vista Designed Interiors

Anna Maria is the owner of La Vista Designed Interiors, an independent interior design studio based in Leigh, specialising in designing forever homes.

Gallerie Schmetterling

It all started during lockdown as so many of these things do. I had given up full time work due to ill health at the end of 2019 and then lost my mother and 2 other close family members in 2020. My coping method was walking. And walking. And walking. I started taking photographs of things that I saw out and about. First on my phone, then on a small camera that I could hide in my pocket so that other walkers wouldn’t judge me but then finally on my old wedding cameras.

Ceramics and Glass Crafts

Ceramics and glass crafts are two distinct but related forms of art and craft that involve the use of clay and glass, respectively, to create a wide range of objects, from decorative items to functional pieces.

Southend Beach & Sea Art

Hi. I am Jenny, I work full time in a local school, am a mum to a teenage boy and in my spare time, I love to paint!

Paints Preserve Us

My name is Edwina Jordan, I live in Chelmsford, Essex and love anything to do with home decor.

Yu Lan Burkmar

Yu Lan’s father is a Jade specialist in Taiwan and she came to England in 1997 to study jewellery design with a view of helping him in his business.

Sandra Hall Ceramics

Personal story.. Went to one term of evening classes at a local school and was then completely hooked on clay!

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